PPC Landing Pages

Landing Pages are one of the oldest and most researched about pieces of the digital marketing machinery. Its sole purpose, more than informing the audience is gather their contact information to start the sales process. Within the EventBank strategy, PPC initiatives like Capterra drove potential that needed a high converting page. A process then started to optimize this page in order to maximize conversion and therefore ROI from this PPC.


Graphic strategies were developed to highlight some of the elements of the product that could help audience make up their minds to provide their information. Since the product is software, screenshots and workflows are the key but some of the audience, which no experience in this type of software found difficult to find the value on those. An effort both on copy and on design was made to show those among the general information about the solution sold.


Behavioral studies through Heatmaps, folding and non-completion as well as A/B testing was conducted in order to achieve better results. The result was over 12% conversion rate for the main product page. The following screenshot is from Capterra showing the conversion rates to different pages. The difference among them is due to the differences in audiences expectations. Membership Management is probably the lowest in comparison. Studies on why showed that most of these leads were actually looking for free software or for other than professional membership solutions, like, for example, gym managenement or community duties. Those which have a very focused audience, Event Management, Registration, and Conference all show conversion rates, at least, at double the general average (2,35%).

Here a snapshot of the landing page, live at get.eventbank.com