The collective impact of Doble Via

Doble Via is a cooperative which focuses on the management and content generation for cultural centers on the Barcelona Metropolitan Area. After 20 years of existence, it has a solid reputation among the cultural management agents, specializing on children, teenagers, and the elder, with different activities, from education and workshops to sports and leisure. After 20 years, the member assembly decided its image was too old to enhance its values and distinguish itself from other agents. The perception over some of those workshops had changed over the years. “Knitting was not an old ladies’ activity anymore.”


To face those upcoming challenges they wanted to rebrand to an image that could face official biddings as well as create interest among the general public in order to attend their courses. A very simple, typographic, visual identity was created, with a complementary color scheme, that would expand into different collaterals, both printed and digital, as well as a website, and a presentation to its members to present this new branding publicly for acceptance.

DobleVia refers, in Catalan, to a double-headed way, where you can go both ways, either way. It can be interpreted also as a lack of decision, state of confusion or steadiness. DobleVia focuses its efforts on providing education, counseling, activity, and leisure to its users into the operations it runs among different cultural centers. Therefore, the logotype had to overcome those possible misinterpretations highlighting a sense of freedom, direction, decision-making, movement, dynamic, straightforwardness.




The logotype and its collaterals, stationery, letterhead or email signature were created to highlight those aspects of the brand along with a clean modern look & feel.


DobleVia website had to not only explain in a clear way its mission and its values but also to offer day-to-day activities or offers among the multiple operations or cultural centers it manages. The tone was set on black and white images to contrast with the social media content uploaded by its users.