👋🏼 Hola!

I’m Alex Santafe – a visual artist working on advertisement, illustration and product design with a passion for creating useful, engaging & beautiful things.

Currently helping EventBank go global as Creative Director


I was born in Barcelona and grew up learning painting and philosophy among many other things. My curiosity brought me to China in early 2015. It’s been now almost 5 years living in Beijing and enjoying the benefit of probably one of the highest technological societies with one of the deepest traditions in gastronomy. There is always a new app, a new platform, and a new dish to try. I haven’t seen paper money for almost 3 years, and don’t miss it one byte.

I have worked in design, either as a product leader, creative lead, writer or strategist as well as hands-on designer, illustrator, mocking & wireframing. I enjoy beautiful designs as I firmly believe, good communication needs to be pleasant. Beautiful things work better, just by the pleasure we find interacting with them. Especially in our times, where attention is short. That pixel matters.

Among the many challenges organizations face, to reach out to those who might be interested in their proposition, I believe some can be solved with a sense of humor, elegance and a sense of harmony. Not all problems can be solved by design and visual communication – words, colors & shapes – but I am certain, most can and will be solved utilizing the point of view in which design looks at problems, researches, & tries to find the beauty whereas there is chaos.



Some of the brands, big and small, I had the pleasure to work with